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Career Aptitude Assessment

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Empower Your Institution for Student Success

  • Students struggling to identify suitable career paths?
  • Students lacking practical skills required for the workforce?
  • Inadequate platforms for holistic development of students?

Worried About Your Child's Future as a Parent?

  • Worried about your child's future?
  • Child stressed about career choices?
  • Want to ensure their talents shine?

Facing Challenges in Your Career Path as a Student?

  • Feeling lost in choosing your path?
  • Struggling with overwhelming career decisions?
  • Eager to uncover your unique strengths?
  • Uncertain about your academic direction?

Navigating Career Changes as a Professional?

  • Thinking of switching careers?
  • Overwhelmed by choices?
  • Anxious about career transition?

Our Services

Student Mentoring: Ignite Programme

Student Mentoring: Ignite Programme

Specifically designed to support students from classes 8 to 12, our program provides a comprehensive, personalized guidance system tailored to individual aspirations and needs.

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Career Transition

Career Transition

Whether you're shifting fields or climbing the career ladder, we're here to support you every step of the way.

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Subject Special Online Coaching/Tuition

Subject Special Online Coaching/Tuition

Tap into your academic potential with our qualified and skilled teachers specializing in a wide range of subjects.

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Study Skills Training

Study Skills Training

Upgrade your academic performance with our Study Skills Training.

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Exam Orientation

Exam Orientation

Ease your exam anxieties with our strategic Exam Orientation. We help students prepare for exams, providing them with the skills and strategies they need to succeed and achieve their academic goals.

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Spoken English

Spoken English

Enhance your global communication skills with our Spoken English program. We provide expert guidance, helping you become a proficient English speaker, boosting your confidence and unlocking global opportunities.

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Career Guidance Classes (Group Orientation)

Career Guidance Classes (Group Orientation)

Designed for schools and colleges, our sessions foster a comprehensive understanding of various career options, equipping students to identify their strengths and interests systematically.

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Camps and Workshops

Camps and Workshops

Our programmes are crafted to hone a wide range of skills such as scientific learning, language abilities, and much more, fostering critical thinking and proactive problem-solving.

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Career Assessment Test

Career Assessment Test

Dive deep into your unique blend of orientation, personality, interests, aptitude, and emotional quotient with our five-dimensional Career Assessment Test.

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Comprehensive Career Guidance Program

Comprehensive Career Guidance Program

Embark on your path to a fulfilling career with our personalized and holistic approach to career planning.

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Foreign Education

Foreign Education

From course selection to CV reviews and crafting compelling Statements of Purpose (SoPs) or essays, we're here to make your journey to foreign education as smooth as possible.

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The Cubes Career Care Protocol


One-on-One Initial Consultation


30 Minutes

Begin your journey with a personalized touch. Our expert career counselors are dedicated to understanding your unique aspirations, needs, and concerns during a 30-minute online consultation.

This intimate session serves as the foundation for our collaboration, allowing us to tailor our services precisely to your individual requirements.

Our goal is to build a strong rapport with you, ensuring a comfortable and productive partnership from the very beginning.

Meet Our Experts

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Expert Guidance

Holistic Profile Development

Communication Skills Enhancement

Personalised Support

Clear Communication

Trustworthy Experience

Trust is paramount in our partnership. We maintain open and transparent communication with students and families, offering clarity at every step. Our commitment to transparency ensures that your experience with us is not only smooth but also built on a foundation of trust, providing peace of mind as you navigate your academic and career journey.

Student Well-Being

Individual Support and Empathy

Beyond academics and career goals, we prioritize your overall well-being and success. Our team operates with genuine care, demonstrating sensitivity and empathy for your individual aspirations and challenges. We're not just mentors; we're compassionate guides who walk beside you, supporting you in your pursuit of excellence.

Scientific Aptitude Test

Vast Expert Network

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our scientific aptitude test, designed to help you uncover your innate talents and interests. Our extensive network of experts is here to provide invaluable guidance, ensuring you make informed decisions that lead to a successful and fulfilling career.

Co-Curricular Excellence

Tailored Application Materials

Crafting a standout profile involves more than just academics. We guide you in cultivating excellence in co-curricular pursuits, ensuring your skills and experiences align with your ambitions. Moreover, our assistance extends to creating meticulously tailored application materials, enhancing your chances of acceptance at prestigious universities.

English Language Mastery

Interview Performance

Effective communication is a cornerstone of professional success. Our exclusive English language training sessions are designed to refine your language proficiency, ensuring you convey your ideas with clarity and confidence. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support to help you excel in interviews and group discussions, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Customised College Guidance

Progress Monitoring

At our core, we believe in your unique potential. Our personalized college guidance goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. We tailor our support to your specific aspirations, offering a roadmap that includes continuous progress monitoring. With us, you'll have a dedicated partner every step of the way on your path to success.


Don Bosco Central School, Mannuthy

The Career Guidance Class conducted at Don Bosco Central School, Mannuthy on December 9, 2023, proved to be an enlightening experience for STD 10 students and their parents. The session, led by Sanu K. Sugathan, Career Counsellor, Cubes Career Care provided valuable insights into career choices and future prospects. Mr. Sugathan, serving in his role since 2008, shared comprehensive information on various career paths, emphasizing the importance of making informed decisions. The session aimed to guide students through the intricate process of selecting suitable career options based on their interests, skills, and aspirations. Parents, playing a pivotal role in a student’s career journey, were actively engaged in the discussion, gaining valuable insights into current trends and opportunities. The interactive nature of the class allowed for open dialogue, addressing concerns and queries from both students and parents. Overall, the Career Guidance Class at Don Bosco Central School Mannuthy under the guidance of Mr. Sanu K. Sugathan was a resounding success, empowering students to make informed decisions about their future endeavors. The school expresses gratitude to Mr. Sugathan for his dedication to fostering career awareness and assisting students in shaping their professional paths.


Having trouble to understand my interest and being confused about what to chose for my future studies, I needed help. The package of aptitude test, personal counselling and educational counselling was just right for me. Got a good idea about myself and my choices. Got advice on how to improve on my weakness. Most importantly I could take a firm decision about what to do after 12th. I would definitely suggest this to the students who are going through the same situation as mine. Don't worry everything will just be right with good decisions and good will.


Explore our FAQs to find quick answers to common questions about our career counseling agency's services, benefits, and procedures.Discover details about the advantages of career counseling, the expertise of our counselors, session scheduling options, and much more. If your specific question isn't covered here, please feel free to get in touch with our team, and we'll be delighted to provide you with the information you need to embark on your career journey confidently.

What are the costs of career counseling services?

The cost of career counseling services can vary depending on the type and duration of the program you choose. Please contact us for specific pricing details and any available discounts or packages.

How long does a typical career counseling program last?

The duration of a career counseling program can vary depending on your needs and goals. Some individuals benefit from just a few sessions, while others may engage in longer-term counseling to achieve more complex career objectives.

What qualifications do your career counselors have?

Our career counselors are highly qualified professionals with expertise in career development, counseling psychology, and related fields. They hold relevant certifications and have extensive experience in guiding individuals toward successful careers.

Is career counseling suitable for recent graduates or experienced professionals?

Career counseling is suitable for individuals at all career stages, from recent graduates exploring their options to experienced professionals looking to make a change or advance in their careers.

How do I know if I need career counseling?

If you're feeling unsure about your career direction, facing a career transition, experiencing job dissatisfaction, or seeking guidance to achieve your professional objectives, career counseling can be beneficial.

Are career counseling services confidential?

Yes, career counseling services are typically confidential. Your counselor will not share your personal information or discussions with anyone without your consent, except in cases where there is a legal or safety obligation to do so.

How can I schedule a career counseling session?

You can schedule a career counseling session by contacting our agency through phone, email, or our website. Our team will assist you in booking a convenient appointment.

Is career counseling available online or in person?

We offer both online and in-person career counseling services to accommodate your preferences and needs. You can choose the format that suits you best.

What can I expect from a career counseling session?

In a session, you can expect to discuss your career goals, interests, strengths, and challenges. Your counselor will provide guidance, assessment tools, and resources to help you make informed decisions and create a personalized career plan.

What is career counseling, and how can it benefit me?

Career counseling is a personalized service that helps individuals make informed decisions about their career path.It can benefit you by providing guidance, assessment, and support to explore and pursue a fulfilling career aligned with your interests, skills, and goals.