Glory on the High Seas

Dr. Siju ThotapillyDr. Siju Thotapilly
2/2/2024- 113 days ago
Glory on the High Seas

Dear Educators and Students,

Enjoy the privilege to listen to the conversation between

Commodore G PRAKASH,

Nau Sena Medal (Retd)


Commander Abhilash Tomy

Kirti Chakra, Nau Sena Medal,



India's 72nd Republic Day

( 26th January 2021).

Time: 7PM to 8 PM

Platform: Zoom

(Limited slots for registered applicants)



Facebook Live

TOPIC: Facing great challenges with competence, passion and courage.

Takeaways for life from the world of the Indian Armed Forces - Defenders of Indians Sovereignity

For confirming your participation, please register at

For enquiries, Whatsapp <Your Name> <RD2021> 89214 34389